2022 Portraits for heroes

Each year we host complimentary photo sessions for heroes. We love this event! We want to support you and your sacrifices to help our community. As a military spouse, I understand what it can mean to give up the life you expected for the life of service to your community. We have multiple family members in service roles and we feel the continued support of these roles is paramount.

I am the host/planner for the Dallas Fort Worth event. We work together to bring as many photographers to this event and serve as many hero families as possible each year. This event is not hosted for profit. We are asked often how you can help or contribute. We do our best to keep costs to a minimum and currently each photographer is covering all of their costs and I cover event related costs. If you would like to donate, please let us know.

If you are looking to book for a 2022 session, we will open our bookings in August 1st. We often shoot weather depending between September 1-October 15.