for photographers

outsource your editing

Your time is valuable. Hire a private editor. It can be a few images or whole galleries. Decrease your turnaround time and really impress your clients. Skip the time consuming advanced photoshop work.


Basic edits include color correction, simple preset application without adjustments, exposure correction.

Starting from $0.50 per image


This is for custom adjustments, black and white conversions, light photoshop work, masking and more.

Starting from $2.50 per image


Need skin work? Detail work? This is your section. Pricing varies so let's discuss your needs and budget.

Contact for pricing


Why outsource?

Hey, let's save you some time! Need to catch up. Too many mini sessions.

What programs do you use?

I work primarily in Lightroom. New features have really made the advance masking to perfect every detail so much more workable. I also work in photoshop for anything lightroom can't do. I use the latest versions of each program. I sometimes offer culling services and use Photo Mechanic to cull images fast and efficiently.

How do I send images?

Once we have discussed your editing needs, you have a couple of easy options to send your files. I prefer to work with raw files. If you have jpegs we will discuss the options as they are a bit more limited in what can be done. The easiest option is to send your lightroom catalog over. I make the edits and send the catalog back for you to re-import right back in your workflow. You can also zip your files and send them via dropbox.