The story of a photographer

My story? I am not really one to talk about myself unless you want to talk about Harry Potter or Disney. I spent 20 years in customer service. Most of it working at a veterinary office. I love animals and always photographed my "kids". One day, it was her last. I suddenly realized I had no photos of US with her. We set up a tripod and a point and shoot. Six months later I started my photography journey. My goal was simple. Capture the moments, tell the story, and tell it now.

I didn't mean to be a family photographer though. Kids are HARD to photograph!! They don't sit still! Neither do the pets usually. But I found a love for family photography by making the sessions FUN! If I could let the kids just be kids, run, play, jump on mom and dad, TICKLE FIGHT, DANCE PARTY.... there might be candy at the end.... well, suddenly I was in my element.

I do have a love for documentary style photography which works well with the lifestyle portraits. I am a scrapbooker first, photographer second. Learning to tell my story helps me learn to tell yours.

Our travel photography work was featured 2 years in a row in one of the top photography education magazines.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

The Tower Bridge, London

Eton High Street, Eton, Berkshire, UK

This is the moment...

that started my journey.

Azure, age 10. Rescued from under a car in a junkyard, a cadillac of course. She was only a few months old, terrified of humans. We worked with her, she learned so much and finally felt safe. She was adopted but shortly after, she ran away. Thankfully we found her, she returned to our home and never left again. She was fiercely protective of us, of her home. She let us know anytime something wasn't right. She died of cancer on 09.28.2010.

In May 2011, I started my photography journey.

My Work