Terms of service


contains the following information:

  • Copyright

  • Usage License of Images

  • Display

  • Digital Negatives

  • Client Agreement

  • Accidents/Drug Usage/Drinking/Behaviors

  • Phone Usage

  • Cancellation of Services

In this document, we refer to the photographer which is Kat Tankersley or associates and the client, which is the person who has signed our client agreement.

These terms of service are agreed to by hiring Kat Tankersley & Co. regardless of if a client agreement is signed. They can not be altered in any form.


01.Copyright ownership

We do not release our copyright to clients. We own the rights to the photos we take as the artist. This is a standard you can expect with any professional level photographer. While we understand we are taking images of you, your family, your pets, your events, we can not give you full copyright ownership of these images. If you would like to request a full copyright ownership of your images, on rare occasions we will consider this but the fee to do so is substantial starting at $1,000 per image.

Photographers using our editing services retain their ownership of copyright.


02.usage license of images

While copyright ownership is not typically given, you will receive a usage license for your images. This allows a variety of usage options such as to print your images, display your images, and post your images on social media. There are terms of each type of usage that will be provided to you. We do our best to keep it as simple as possible for you. Additional usage licenses may be available should you wish to use your images for commercial use. Commercial usage is any usage that will result in you collecting fees for services or products. We provide social media use images with a small watermark and ask that when placing images online that you use these files for your protection and ours.



We reserve the right to display or share images we have taken. We will ask you to sign a model release. Names are not posted unless requested. If you have special circumstances that require you not to have your images placed online or displayed, please discuss with us in advance of your session.

04. Digital Negatives

We do not provide digital negatives a.k.a. raw files under any circumstances. We will provided edited, flattened images usually in JPEG format for your usage under the terms. Once these files are delivered, we are under no obligation to keep these files or provide them again at a later date if they are lost. We recommend keeping a second back up and prints to ensure the longevity of your images.

05. Client Agreement

We require all clients to sign an agreement of services that include our contract terms. Your session time and date is not held until payment is completed and the agreement is signed. We do not alter the agreement and you are not allowed to make any changes. We have worked to ensure the legality of our client agreement so that contract terms are clear and understood. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

06. Accidents/Drug Usage/Drinking/Behavior

We are not responsible for any injuries or accidents that occur at any time during our services. We ask that you be responsible and cautious as we may encounter snakes, mosquitos, chiggers (and other dangers) when on location and you should always be aware of your surroundings and be prepared to protect yourself. We ask that you do not drink alcohol or ingest any drugs that may alter your ability. We will immediately stop any session if you are found to be in possession of illegal items or your behavior is less than professional or harassing to the photographer or any associates. No monies paid will be refunded in these cases.

07. Phone Usage

We ask that you do not take photos with your phones or other cameras during our session without our permission. Phones would be best taken out of pockets and set aside during the session. Persons not involved in the session typically do not attend unless a handler for a pet or to help with children. These persons may not take photographs on any of their own devices as well.

08. Cancellation of services

We require that a minimum of 25% portion of your payment is a non-refundable retainer. Your percentage will be outlined in your client agreement and may be higher depending on type of session or travel involved. Once booked, paid, and your agreement is signed, this minimum 25% non refundable retainer can not be returned to you. It is our fee for services rendered for the time involved with you as a client for booking, payment and preparations for your session. In the event that you need to cancel, we will ask you to cancel in writing and any fees paid over the required non-refundable percentage will be returned to you at our earliest convenience.

If we, the photographers, need to cancel for any reason, we will provide you with an associate photographer or return your fees minus any costs we have incurred.

This is an overview of our terms and additional terms are set and finalized in your client agreement.