9/11 Event Minis Scheduled 9/24/19

9/11 Graphic

We love to participate in this event. It’s our 2nd year and this year we weren’t available on 9/11 for hosting our mini sessions so we have scheduled Tuesday 9/24/2019. Times are approximately 5:30 - 7:00. Each mini session lasts about 15 minutes. If there is enough interest, we will add a secondary date. We have a back up plan if it looks like we may have bad weather like we did last year.

To get your name on the list, click on Sept 11 Event and enter your information in the form.

Sept. 11th Heros Portrait Event

Every year our country remembers the tragic events of September 11th, 2001. We all remember where we were when we heard about what happened. That day, like every day of the year, our service men and women rushed to the scene to help anyone they can. Many of them giving up their lives trying to save others.

September 11th Heros Portrait event was started as a way to give back to all members of service by offering a complimentary mini photo session to encourage family photos. We want to recognize the daily sacrifices that men and women give to others selflessly.

This event is held for all members of the military, police, firefighters, and first responders and you can be active in these jobs now or be a veteran or retiree. We welcome anyone in these industries to contact us to sign up for a free mini session. We usually offer 4-5 spots and if there is enough interest, we will do our best to hold alternate dates to accommodate where we can.

Kat Tankersley Photography also offers a year round discount to servicemembers on your photo services.

If you are not located near us, there are at least 19 other photographers in the DFW area also holding this event. We encourage you to reach out to one near you and book your family portrait.

Full details on how to schedule will be posted soon.

Destination Sessions Coming Soon

We love to travel! Would you like an epic photo session at a special location? How about near a historic Scottish castle or near an iconic scene in England? Prefer to travel closer to home, let’s head to the beach or near a Disney park and do a session during your family vacation. Contact us for more information.

Iconic Oxford location featured in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Iconic Oxford location featured in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Image Competition Results are In

When we attend Shutterfest, we are presented with a unique opportunity to submit image to an image competition. This is considered the best of the best. We had never submitted before so we went in with two images into the Beginners category. We scored respectively a 76 on each image. This is a great score for a beginner entry. The knowledge gained on how to improve and work to better our images both in set up and post processing is priceless.

The scoring process allows little leeway. 75 - 80 is considered Average Professional Standard. 80 and above receives a merit award. We are proud to meet the average professional standard on our first year of submissions.

Here are the two images submitted.

“Fiercely Shielded”

“Fiercely Shielded”

“Commanding Presence”

“Commanding Presence”

Sneak Peek

Shutterfest presents a unique opportunity to get out and shoot outside of your normal. It’s one of the great things about the event. Admittedly, while I did a lot of shooting this year, I stuck with classes that allowed me to learn how to better serve clients. One class did have a bride and groom that looked great! Here’s a quick sneak peek of how their shoot came out.


Check out this sweet, classic style daddy + daughter image taken at the Twig and Olive Hands On Class and a mom and her sweet baby girl in a Boho styled image.


Would you like to schedule a session? Contact us to see if the session you would like to set up will qualify for your session fee to be waived.


We loved working with Lisa. She had a group of images for editing including preset/basic edits with detailed skin work and adjustments.

I can’t say enough great things about working with Kat. She recently saved me after a tough photo session by editing my subpar images in a way that brought them back to life, and my client couldn’t have been happier. Kat’s editing skills are top notch, and she really cares about using your vision in her work.  She’s so professional, super responsive and all around fun! Highly recommend!

Published x 2!

The artists were chosen for publication in the April 2019 Shutter Magazine Travel Edition. Kat was published for her photo featuring the Tower Bridge in London. Scott was featured with his image of Edinburgh Castle taken from the Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh in Scotland. We consider Shutter Magazine the top photography magazine in our industry. Being chosen to be published in the inspiration section is not an easy task. Many talented photographers submit their work and only the best of the best are chosen. We feel very blessed to have been chosen. This is Kat’s second time being published in the Travel Edition. She was also featured last year in April 2018 for her image of Eton High Street featuring The George Pub.


You can pick up this magazine at Barnes and Noble or view it online here.


Overall, I loved having Kat work with me on my gallery. She was so communicative the entire time and truly wanted to make sure I was happy with the result and was very particular about knowing what I liked and what needed improvements. I’d say Kat did a phenomenal job and both the client and I are very happy with her results.