About The Artist


I am a wife, a dog mom, a photographer, a creative. I spend my time looking for ways to enjoy the moments in life that can pass us by so quickly and be forgotten. It’s why I do what I do.

When you take a moment to think about what you truly enjoy about your life, we usually say family, friends, a beautiful sunset, a rainbow after a storm, waves crashing on the beach, cultures we experience, laughing at the most random thing someone said.

Your experience with Kat Tankersley Photography will capture the laughter, the fun, the moments and celebrate who we are, what we are, what we do, and save those moments so we can look back.

I love to capture moments in life that can be looked at again and again. Family we love, places we’ve been, people we meet, pets we love, children we teach and moments that matter. I’ve been photographing life for as long as I can remember.


PO Box 144
Aubrey, Texas 76227

+1 972 836 8528

Photographer since 2011
Freelance editor since 2017

I enjoy street and travel photography and photojournalism style to document my life and favorite moments.


My Co-Workers



Our 6 year old tri-color cocker spaniel. She loves chasing bugs and birds and tennis balls. She loves treats, her mom’s food, and not so much her dog food. She was a rescue we got in 2013 at 9 months old. We later found her breeder and learned she comes from a 10th generation champion litter but remained too small to show. She is only 15 pounds but her attitude makes up for that.


Our snuggly little 4 year old black cocker spaniel. He joined our family shortly after the loss of our 17 year old black cocker spaniel in 2015. It was accidental that we found him and meeting him was so much like meeting Wil that we thought it must be fate. He loves his toys and you will often find him bringing more toys to bed and snuggling up in a pile of them. (20+ toys!). He prefers to be as near to you as possible and if you stop snuggling, he grabs your hand and pulls it back to him. More snuggles please he says. He is the most vocal dog we have ever had and he talks about everything. His sister has to help us keep him in line and she’s good at telling him to behave.