Complimentary Photo Event

Date of event is 9/11 from 6-7:30pm

9-11 Event Info Graphic

For military, veterans, first responders (police, firefighters, etc.)

On September 11, 2018, Dallas area photographers are coming together to support our local military, veterans, military retirees and first responders such as police and firefighters.

Your session is complimentary.
You will receive 1-5 digital images.
You can choose your photographer by area.
I will be participating in Denton.

To inquire about booking your spot, please do not delay.  Fill out the form and place your subject as 9-11 Booking Inquiry.


Denton, Texas
From 6 pm to 7:30 pm
Limited availability

Detailed location will be sent after booking.


If you are still looking to get in on the 9-11 shoots, we have a couple of remaining openings and will be offering this again in 2019.



If you arrive late, the ending time will still remain the same.  Plan ahead for traffic.

Session type

These sessions are specifically for a simple family photo.  We will not do pregnancy announcements, maternity sessions or other types of sessions during these time slots.  We will gladly accept families with or without children, senior aged couples with our without their adult children.


Do not wear white or black unless it is part of a uniform.  If you would like to wear your uniform, this is welcomed.  Spouses and family members should wear complimentary colors to help the photos look their best.  If you would like to dress in Holiday themed clothing for a Holiday card photo, this is perfectly fine, just let me know in advance.

Please do not wear shorts or clothing that is too tight or too loose.  Make sure any undergarments are properly hidden.  These things can't be fixed in photoshop.

image delivery

Images will be delivered via a cloud system that will allow you download your images for print and for social media. 

Social media images will come processed for online viewing with a watermark that cannot be cropped out. 

Images may not be edited or altered in any form (IE: instagram filters or black and white conversions).

rescheduling + Weather

This is an event on this date only and bookings cannot be rescheduled to any other date and time.  Normal bookings do have a discount for military and first responders if mentioned at the time of booking.  If we fill our spots, we will try to add a 2nd/3rd date option to serve a couple more families each day.

HOWEVER if weather occurs, such as rain, wind, thunderstorms or excessive heat, we will choose an alternate date and do our best to accomodate the same times on a different date.


9-11 Booking Inquiry

Name *
Phone *
Please include street name, city, state and zip code.
Use the drop down menu to choose.
Include children over the age of 18 here.
List no children if applicable.
Please list the ages of your children.
Special note: If it is raining or too hot on the date in question, we will reschedule and keep the same/similiar times on a different date.
This information can help us get the word out more each year for this awesome event.
Your email/information is never sold or given to anyone else.