Save Time, I'll Edit For You

Being a successful photographer is a lot of work.  During busy seasons, often we don't see enough time with our families and can easily reach burn out.  I can help with some of that by editing your images for you.

Individual Edits

This option is for those who need help on a short term basis.  It may be one session, it may be a set of minis, or a wedding.

These would be primarily basic edits.  For an additional fee, I can provide more advanced edits.

Volume Edits

Let's work together on a regular basis.  I'll learn your style and process edits like you would.  These edits would include a variety of options like basic edits, skin clean up/smoothing, black and white conversions, removing small distractions.

Plan Edits

This works best for you if you'd like a monthly rate for volume edits.