Editing Services for Photographers

During busy seasons, often we don't see enough time with our families and can easily reach burn out.  I can help with some of that by editing your images for you.  Edits are customized based on your style and needs.




AFTER (no sky overlay)

AFTER (no sky overlay)

Photo by Kat Tankersley Photography
Maternity Gown rented from The Photographer's Trunk

How It Works

I work in Lightroom, Bridge, and Photoshop CC.  I work on a MAC computer.  You send your images over and I make all the edits on RAW files and send completed edits back to you.  If you'd like RAW files returned, for additional tweaking, I understand, but there may be an additional fee.  I do not store your RAW files long term or use them for anything else without your explicit permission. Minimum required purchase is $25.00 per order. Rush fees applied to orders with an urgent turnaround time.

Services offered

preset edits

This is for a simple, quick, slap a preset on that and call it done. I can do some add on adjustments, and even send you a Lightroom catalog with raws for an additional service fee.

Basic Edits

Working in the basic panel of Lightroom,
I will adjust the white balance (color correction), exposure, contrast and highlights/shadows of your image. I can also adjust the sharpness at your request.


Enhanced Edits

Covering brush on skin tones, subtle skin smoothing, small object removal and more detailed work with color toning.

Extensive Edits

This is for more detailed, time consuming work in Photoshop.


Creative Edits

Need a sky added, want a more artistic look? These are creative edits that push beyond the average photo and help make it a work of art.

Finishing Edits

Black and white conversions and finishing work such as matte add on.


Custom pricing is available with add on services vs. one of the package options.
Lightroom catalog fees start at $50.00 and you would need the most recent version of Lightroom Classic CC.


"I loved having Kat work with me on my gallery. She was so communicative the entire time and truly wanted to make sure I was happy with the result and was very particular about knowing what I liked and what needed improvements. I’d say Kat did a phenomenal job and both the client and I are very happy with her results.” -SMP