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Originally written on October 3, 2013 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a love of photography.  Always trying to capture the best images, unique angles and even tone my images to a sepia tint.  My husband bought me my first digital camera in 2000 or so.  It had a floppy disk and it captured about 5 pictures per disk.

Fast forward through the years and I upgraded my camera several times.  Then in 2010, we got a bit of a surprise.  Our akita mix, Azure, probably had cancer.  She was only 10 years old, so we didn’t see that coming.  Over the last month of her life, I spent a ton of time sitting in the floor with her and taking pictures of every detail I could.  Her feet, her eyes, her nose, everything.  On the day we made the decision that it was time, I took her outside and used my canon point and shoot to get several photos of her and set up the tripod to get as many of us with her as possible.  She almost didn’t even look sick.

What I realized, was that the moments with have with those we love are short.  This wasn’t really a new lesson to me, I’d lost my grandparents, and my son by this point.  I understood, but I hadn’t fully understood the concept of capturing as many of those moments as possible while they last.  I wanted to have those images documented and kept forever.  I decided I wanted to be a photographer.  I wanted to take that passion I have for creating beautiful images and share that with others and help them capture their moments.

It was 8 months later when my husband bought me my DSLR camera and I began the journey of learning photography.